Not Your Fishy Fish

I must be on a parmesan kick this week.  So here’s another one for you.  I mentioned earlier about my dislike of fish and seafood.  The one exception for me is tuna. I love this recipe not only because it’s quick, but it’s also full of flavor and low on calories.  It’s also pretty good the … Continue reading Not Your Fishy Fish

One Sheet Wonder

I’ve fallen in love with sheet pan meals. There are so many great combinations you can come up with, and it seems like just about everything turns out perfect. Plus it’s a great way to roast veggies.  One of my favorites combines pre-cooked sausage, sweet potatoes and peppers.  The great thing is you can change it up … Continue reading One Sheet Wonder

Taco Tuesday

I mentioned before about our weekly traditions, namely Meatloaf Monday so here is another one.  I love Mexican food, but unfortunately I have an intolerance to corn (strange thing I know) that makes a lot of the best Mexican dishes off limits to me.  In the past I’ve made due with flour tortillas, but I was … Continue reading Taco Tuesday

Ring Around the Sausage

I live in Wisconsin, and we like our meat here.  Besides cheese, one of the things we are known for are brats (bratwurst for those not familiar).  We eat these at sporting events, picnics, and even local McDonald’s carry them during certain seasons.  We like to top them with sauerkraut, bathe them in beer, and know … Continue reading Ring Around the Sausage

Hearty Beef Stroganoff

Growing up one of my favorite recipes that my mom made was beef stroganoff.  It’s not the real recipe that you find in restaurants, but nevertheless, I asked for it weekly.  I don’t think I’d know a true stroganoff if I tried it.  My mom made hers with a stroganoff seasoning packet from the grocery … Continue reading Hearty Beef Stroganoff